Friday, January 8, 2010

I just love Diane Keaton. Her style in the 70's was so great. Borderline frumpy, very natural, incorporating menswear. One of my favorite things about her acting in the 1970s/80's, is that she pretty much nailed that whole woman character who puts off this sexy & smart feel without looking like a hooker, and gives off a "i don't need a man, i'm smart, i wear men's clothing sometimes and I see a shrink, so what?" vibe but deep down really needs someone & is somewhat vulnerable. I think many women can identify with that because it's that 'fight' between protecting yourself & your feelings vs. letting someone in. Maybe I'm reading into it too much but that's always how I see her characters.

I love watching her in movies but not so much lately. She tends to play frazzled, goofy, and uncomfortable women which I hate. During the past 10 years or so, she's always playing some woman who is clumsy & confused, falling in love with the Jack Nicholson type who always has some sort of a young bimbo girlfriend and Keaton's character always winds up spying on someone/falling/dropping things. I just don't get it. She really had the chance to work with that whole "real" woman thing. There is nothing wrong with playing someone flawed but she's fallen into that "sad goofy clumsy older woman" role and i hate it. Keaton, come on! I still love her though. Just disappointed.

Is it too much to want to see women in films portrayed more realistically. They are either the sex bomb, the frumpy one who somehow gets the big time makeover and wins over the guy, or the bitchy girlfriend that everyone hates. Of course there are many movies out there that don't follow those 'rules' but they're the type you have to go out and look for. I don't know. Maybe this is a cliche feminist rant but it pisses me off. Hollywood grosses me out most of the time.

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