Monday, January 11, 2010

analyzing someone else's house

came across this home on Design*Sponge tonight and really became infatuated with it. Not totally my style but I still love looking at it. I really like the table, chairs & I especially love the framed music posters on the wall. I see Built to Spill & The Decemberists, among others. the white frames make it so airy and light, as if they are just floating.

the different types of frames hanging on the walls by the stairs is so cool. that's the first thing i'd do if I had a staircase to decorate. frame a bunch of cool shit I found, photos, artwork, postcards and have a big cluster of them. that's always one of my favorite things to look at when i'm at someone's house and it's 10 times better when it's interesting things and not just boring snapshots.

i tend to really love vintage inspired furniture/decor but love when modern is thrown in also for contrast. GOD i just want an entire house to decorate. it's literally my dream.