Tuesday, January 19, 2010

brooklyn, ny

i always get this familiar and comforting feeling when i'm in Brooklyn. There is nothing like being in New York, but I think Brooklyn is just a place that remains a comfort zone for me. I'm pretty much the only person in my family (parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, grandparents, etc.) that have not lived in Brooklyn. Basically everyone was born there, I remain a Jersey girl.

When I am there I just feel a sense of comfort & nostalgia everywhere I look because I can picture every person on both sides of my family, past & present (except the babies & younger members of the family) living their lives on Brooklyn's streets. Both of my grandmothers & both of my grandfathers, living their childhood, teen years, and then adult years raising a family of their own in this one city. My parents growing up there with Brooklyn as their playground, not even knowing each other existed and then years later eventually meeting there.

It is kind of cool to be able to go to one little New York borough and feel like it's the backdrop to my entire family's history. Being there makes me feel connected with them, past & present.