Monday, December 14, 2009

woops i've always really liked this song. i can't tell if that's really embarrassing or not.

Courtney Love looks pretty & not that weirdy in this video which is always nice to see. She's kind of looking like a glamorous piece of spaghetti, flailing all around. She is just that person that says so many outlandish things that everyone wishes they could say, so she goes ahead and does society a favor and speaks everyone's weirdest thoughts. And by weird thoughts, I guess I mean drunken rants that could have made sense but don't come out quite as well as you hoped. Am I right, or am I simply encouraging drug addict behavior? Yikes.

I just read today that Frances Bean (Love's daughter with Kurt Cobain) was just emancipated from Courtney and Kurt's mom is now her legal guardian. Shit must have been really bad because she's almost 18 anyway.

I crossed the street with Frances Bean last year in NYC so like...ya know, i don't talk about my friend's personal business online and's just disrespectful to our friendship, you know? ( But in all seriousness, she was really pretty, had Kurt's crazy beautiful eyes, was wearing bright red lipstick with very pale skin & had a beautiful coat on and had a squeaky voice. I've read interviews with her and she seems like a smart, well adjusted girl. It's such a tragic story and I suppose is still pretty tragic cause Courtney can't get her shit together, but I really hope Frances is going to be okay.