Tuesday, December 8, 2009

shopping luck

well, i had some luck in the 'hunt for cool things without going broke' situation (aka - shopping.) today. look what i found!

crazy person marry poppins bag - for $2 at goodwill
ruffly Vegan boots for $22 at Civvies
grungey floral cardigan/jacket thingy $13 at civvies
finally a military lookin' dress! it appears much longer in this picture, it falls a bit below the knees. may hem it though. in such great condition, from the 1970's with shiny gold buttons for $24 ! at civvies.

I also wound up finding presents for my 'secret santa' at work. I wound up getting pretty lucky with that one because the girl I got has similar taste so it was fun finding the gift. Our holiday party is on Sunday and this is pretty much my last week working there. Mostly due to scheduling conflict for next quarter plus, I think it's time to move on. It was great for the time being and really helped me ease into my life here. I also have a holiday party on Saturday night which is pretty cool! I'm getting very excited & in the holiday moOod.