Monday, December 7, 2009

shop update!

Tonight I spent a couple hours at Gallery Espresso downtown, sippin on my mint soy iced coffee (sounds very pretentious but actually tastes good, try it!) and updating the etsy shop with bits & pieces of the vintage accessories 'collection'. There are a couple purses/clutches & shoes added, including a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo loafers!

That place is one of my favorites in all of the city. It is so cozy and welcoming in there, with a great menu & delicious selection of coffee and teas. I was sitting there today on the computer at the exact same table I sat at one year ago, last December, with my best friend with tears in my eyes talking about how I needed to live here. I had just got done with a day of touring SCAD and going for an interview/portfolio review. Abby & I found Gallery Espresso and went back numerous times that week. But I just remember sitting there at that table, thinking how I never wanted to go back to my old school and needed to figure out some way to be able to live in Savannah. One year from then, here I am. KINDA COOL.

And that is my sappy & proud story of the day bye