Thursday, December 17, 2009

Looking for cute and interesting buttons to put on your sweater, bag, or..basically anywhere you want!? Look no further than Ox & Oak! It's my friend Jessica's shop where she puts together the best little pins with really great graphics/sayings, etc.

Jessica had a Hanukkah party this past Saturday (such a great time, by the way, with delicious latkes and dradle drinkin games!) and she kindly gave me two pins- one with Charles Manson's face on it & one with Woody Allen's face on it. Let's just say I was in heaven. In fact, I forgot they were pinned onto my cardigan when I got home & was having a drunken serious political discussion with my neighbor when he paused and said "Um..why do you have Charles Manson and Woody Allen's faces on your sweater?". I forget my response but it was somewhere along the lines of "Why the fuck not!?" Because really...why the fuck not.

Please check her shop out! Stock up on some of these adorable pins for the winter. They are the perfect little addition to a winter coat or scarf, also :)