Wednesday, December 30, 2009

feet things

Picked up a pair of these adorable (and very affordable at $16) printed cotton maryjanes from Urban today, in a Liberty print looking floral pattern (called "ditsy"). They feel like I'm walking on air! Sure, I look like I'm 7 years old again but they make me so happy! I want to buy another pair soon. I'm so happy floral is 'coming back'/is 'back'. It's the most wonderful mix of baby, little girl and old woman. Every girl loves floral print right!? Am i right!? OK! (don't ask why the photo above is leopard print. no pics were available of the actual shoes, or maybe they are and my white wine is just makin' me a little weirdy)

I had some money left over from a gift card so I just ordered these in green. AH! That color is so beautiful & i love the spotted texture of them. I hope they're comfortable..