Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a cherry ghost. Cherry ghost. Hey I'm a cherry ghost

the weeks literally zoom by like some sort of a RACECAR. i can't believe it's friday already and one week from today I'll have my car here (and it's halloween!). I'm waiting for two of my older sisters to arrive for the weekend. I'm so excited to see them & show them around Savannah. It will also be nice to just take it easy this weekend (in comparison to last friday's "massacre" of a night. fun, but yikes.) 

I'm so excited about a lot of things right now but two in particular would be - my new old lady shoes & my new book! The old lady shoes are what I'm going to call "Starkman shoes". The reason for this is because once upon a time, as miserable high friends and I would make fun of this tiny teacher named Ms. Starkman, who was literally the size of a doll. She would wear the tiniest play shoes that look like the ones above, so these are my Starkman shoes. They are matronly as hell and put a little GoLd PeP iN MA StEP. 

My new book is a gift I received today at work from my amazing boss Cheryl. It's put out by one of my favorite blogs/websites--Apartment Therapy. It was so kind of her to let me keep this. And although I must admit this week was a little tough there due to certain things that occurred, it's still such a great place to work. It's extra cool that I can go there and have so many things in common with the people who work there although we're all different ages. I find them inspiring in so many ways.

I know I go on and on about how great it is being here (it has it's rough times of course), but truthfully I don't think I've ever been able to connect to people this much in my entire life. I've never felt so okay with things, myself, and where I am. Ever.  For ONCE, i'm not the girl not talking to anyone in class scribbling in my notebook, not even wanting to bother with anyone and putting effort into only 3 or 4 friendships. Now, If I'm not talking to anyone it's usually because I'm doing something I'm concentrating on and I'm working hard on it, not because I'd rather be invisible. I'm not that girl anymore, it's kind of cool.