Saturday, August 29, 2009

The weather the past three days has been gloomy, cloudy and cozy. I wish that my last day here would be beautiful so I can drive through my favorite spots/roads and by the ocean to say goodbye with the sun shining and the windows down. :( that's all i want. I'm still going to do it anyway. Rain won't stop me from saying goodbye to my good ol' New Jersey.

Today so far has been good, watching Ted Kennedy coverage on CNN for the past 24 hours, then a trip to Anthropologie where I found some great sale items, now i'm in my office one last time reading some blogs & fixing up some last minute things. It's so cool to go into stores & look at home decor items and know that I have a house now to shop for. That's fucking insane. I can't wait to make that place my own little home.

I cannot stop listening to the band Deerhunter. Their sound has just been perfect for the past couple of days, with the weather & my mindset. Listen to the song above!