Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today, I am literally spending my time watching as many videos as I can and relaxing before my night class. It's strange because last summer I had a 'normal' job at the Gap that kept me busy at all times, with 'normal' working hours and I was always broke. This summer, I have a different type job where I kind of create my ow hours, I'm never ever broke, and I never find myself just sitting around or wanting to. This week, however, I just want to be cozy on my couch (after or before classes) and watch movies or fashion videos. It's so fun. I've realized this is the calm before the storm. I shouldnt feel lazy, I just want to get in as much home/comfy time as possible before my environment completely changes. Bleh.

in middle school/early high school, when i first 'got into' the idea of fashion and realized what/who designers were, starting reading about their different styles, and figuring out which ones fit my taste..two names always stood out to me. Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs. They have consistently remained my favorites over the years and that will probably never change. I thought I'd share this video because it's the two of them together interviewing eachother! It's short but good.

This video sort of goes hand in hand with the Marc Jacobs/Anna Sui one. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth has remained this music goddess and casual style icon for the past 20 or so years. I love saying that about her for two reasons: Both her music and her style is not orchestrated by the industry of making money, using the 'sex sells' appeal that the entertainment industry tends to do with women. She has remained this semi-underground, respectful figure of what a successful, creative and headstrong woman can be like. She's in her fifties and still looks great. I just love her.