Friday, August 7, 2009

I can't explain how excited I was to see (500) Days of Summer. Early spring, I first saw the trailer and fell in love with it not only because it starred two of my crushes (Zooey and Joseph Gordon Levitt) but it featured the Smiths & Regina Spektor, romance and great style within the first couple seconds of the trailer. Kind of exciting. A girl who likes good music, doesnt give a shit, wants to be herself, dress like a grandma and not be head over heels in love with a guy who doesnt love her back? Hollywood? Is that you? You okay over there?

Throughout the entire film, I could relate to everything that the characters were going through and obviously, that's what the writers try to do with the audience. Of course the movie was about this 'wacky reversed tale' of how a guy can like the girl more than she likes him. We've all been there except I don't think any guy that liked me more than I liked him was like Joseph Gordon Levitt, maybe Son of Sam but not JGL. That's for sure.

But in reality, the male and female audience members can associate with pretty much every part to the story. We've all been Joseph Gordon Levitt's character and we've all been Zooey Deschanel's character. Which is why I found the movie a bit like a trip down memory lane (and memory lane is a weird, old and dark street you try to forget exists) for everyone and that sort of took away from the entertaining aspect. Maybe that was just me, but my mind was going crazy the whole time.

There were parts where I thought "aww.", and then minutes later you were reminded of reality. Sometimes it's "aww" and then it's "fuck! what am i doing!" It's all confusing and I appreciate that this movie showed all the weirdness that takes place.

Sometimes you have to look back on things and realize that you loved them because of what you look back on them for. When you're sad and alone, you're going to look back on the last 'happy' 'relationship' you had, and you're most likely going to wonder if things will ever be that good again. The answer is: yes and also no because maybe things werent all that good to begin with. What am I saying? I'm Woody Allen trapped in a 20 year old girl's body.

on a different note: i've been listening to broken social scene's cover of "love will tear us apart" by joy division, on repeat for the last 24 hours. I know so many die hard joy division fans will probably turn their noses up so high and be so mad but I'm a bigger BSS fan than I am a joy division fan so kiss my ass. this song is beautiful. listen!