Wednesday, August 12, 2009

poor people

The past two weeks, I really just don't want to leave the house all that much. Of course I do leave for class/work and other things that I need to do. I just love being home, comfortable, reading or watching horrible tv? Shoot me, judge me, I don't care. I'm getting in all of my 'home' time before i'm hundreds of miles away.

My television is usually always automatically on Bravo, and sometimes I'll change it to Discovery Health or TLC in hopes of some sort of show about obesity, babies, social/mental disorders or dwarfism (A GIRL CAN ONLY DREAM...).

Real Housewives is my go-to show for when I'm bored or even when I'm not bored. Shit, I could have 12 celebrities over for a dinner party on 3 million dollar china plates and I'd still consider asking everyone if they wanted to watch Housewives. "But..NeNe and Sheree get in a fight with Kim...and it's really funny..okay forget it".

With all of that said, the most horrible piece of trash that cable tv has to offer is NYC Prep. I've discussed how much I hate this show before but I always avoided it. Watched one episode and then BYE. Recently though? I must admit. It's been on my tv for two days. It makes me mad, nauseous, I scream at the TV, roll my eyes, laugh at how boring/horrible they are (I do this all alone, by the way. Popular.) I really can't even believe that these kids aren't jumping off cliffs, so embarrassed that this is how their lives are portrayed on TV. But maybe they don't even realize that it's weird or embarrassing, maybe it's simply the truth. Maybe these humans really are that boring, selfish, tasteless, horrible and dumb.

My favorite character on the show has to be PC, who is also probably one of the worst human beings ever created, but is still my favorite out of all of them which says a lot. He's kind of hot? I want to cut my eye balls out of my head for even thinking/saying it but it's true. He's probably gay, it's fine. I just wish he'd come out and say it a little. Everyone thinks it, PC just say it. His style is kiiind of perfect. The best dressed on the show. If I were a guy (who kind of maybe wasnt into girls.) i'd totally dress like this every day.

and for LOLz..this beast. Operation Smile Operation Smile Operation Smile Operation Smile.