Monday, August 10, 2009

chasing heather crazy

With change there is always some fear. Change that is happening now, change that has happened, and change that I know is going to happen, and change that I have no clue is even coming all scare me. I guess I haven't met many people who aren't afraid of that, but some people have a better way of dealing with it and accepting that they can't control it. I wonder when I'll learn.

photos- these are photos recently taken with a fish eye lens on my olympus in my workspace of me, wearing various eighty8 pieces. i never post photos of myself because I feel like a freakshow being all "hey look at me alone standing here in this picture. do you like it?", but I figure it's my blog & i'm wearing my designs. so there. that's the person who writes all of the run on sentences, too many curses, and neurotic rambles. that's me.

side note- this weekend I was fortunate enough to sell three items to three different people from Switzerland, Spain and Tazmania (Australia). It made my day! thank you.