Friday, June 12, 2009


since i have 2 months to spare until i move into my new abode, i might as well dream about how i'll furnish my (first.ever.) real home (away from home.). Hard wood floors, big old windows...hmm. sweet georgia breezes blow thru ma haaaair. okay, so with the mention of hair, here i go: i've been focusing on all the many positive aspects about moving down there but believe me, i am sarah after all so there are some negz up in my brain.

#1 would have to be the hair situation. see, i have naturally wavy hair at an awkward 'getting longer' length, that gets it's occasional frizz session, with FULL BANGS. how are BANGS going to hold up with good ol southern air? i'm going to need some tips from somebody because goddamn. shits gonna get weird. I'm going to start prepping myself at how to not be a sweaty puffy mess.

on a side note that has nothing to do with basically anything: why do i have to cry at literally everything? i have become a cry baby adult. since i've been born, the second anyone looks at me weird, yells at me/fights with me, i instantly cry. especially if it's my parents. screaming? mad? instant tears. but lately, it's been about weird tv shows about babies or anything like that. last night i was watching Sixteen and Pregnant and just lost it, with hot tears streaming down my face. WHAT? it was just so sad and babies are so cute and i just respect mothers so much, especially young ones who are truly just trying to make it. Needless to say, this will be my new favorite show (giving my friends yet another reason to roll their eyes at some of my CHOICES) and i hope i cry every time. it's a nice release but come makes me feel creepy. It's usually tears of joy at A Baby Story or something but the fact that i'm even subjecting my 20 year old mind to all of it is enough for me to hear Chris Hansen tapping at my window to tell me to take a seat.