Thursday, June 11, 2009

big news!

i'm still slightly in shock because this happened so quickly but..i signed the lease for my first apartment ever today! Now, originally I was planning on dorming in SCAD apartment style living, with a meal plan, and not knowing my exact living assignment til mid august (WEIRD), so for the past month i've been creeping on craigslist to see what is available. I recieved a lot of feedback but none of it felt right. I was having a tough night (some dumb heartbroken girly stuff.) and decided to check back and came across an ad that fit perfectly! Within 24 hours, all of the information was given to my parents & i, one of the roommates and I got in contact with eachother (and our parents got in touch), last night my uncle who lives near savannah swung by the home and BAM! today we signed the lease & fed-exed it away. i cannot explain how excited i am.

Not only is it cheaper, much better, more beautiful with more freedom, i also get to move in anytime in august rather than the end of september. this gives me time to settle in, find a job and get used to my new home before starting hectic classes. One of the perks is that one of the girls i'm going to live with is my age & a fashion major. All i know is that i really do believe when one door closes, another one opens. This week really made me realize that even more.

ps: the house is an old mansion that is broken off into four apartments. i was thinking of posting a pic of the home but that might be a little unsafe. it's a big old southern home with mossy trees and a huge porch. it's beautiful, and blocks away from downtown & really close to forsyth park. i cant wait to be footsteps away from this place, (one of the first places im going to apply to work at!) among others. i know it's going to be tough at times, being there by myself & learning the ropes all over again but change is COOOOOL.
im already dreaming how i will decorate, of course with permission from my roommates. i'm a 45 year old woman at heart, what do you expect come aaannn.