Monday, June 29, 2009

there i am, ya'll. except i'm pretty sure there are more positive attributes somewhere..

i might as well be wearing pink, dotting my i's with hearts, reading YM magazine, chompin' on bubblegum and dreaming about ~boys~ while I admit this, but I really love reading my horoscope. it's always right? honestly. 97% of the time I go to read what should be happening in my Scorpio life, and it's always on target. for instance, today:

"Although this might be your day to return to work, it also offers you a bit of solace that may have previously been elusive. You might have a feeling of isolation, even in the midst of others. Fortunately, your current aloneness can be reassuring, for it offers you space to think about an unresolved issue without having to report every thought back to someone else. Enjoy the solitude while you can, for it won't last very long. "

why is twittascope inside my brain? for real. well, let's just say it's relevant and proves my pro-horoscope point. I hate to be cheesy (again) but even the description of a scorpio is me. i don't know how it all works but it gives me comfort. so, there's another addition to my list of things i believe in that have nothing to do with religion/god/jesus.