Monday, May 18, 2009

the other day I took a couple photos of my workbench that is now finished. I'm all settled in my little space and have started working on a number of things that I will add to the shop this week. let's just say there will be more than just jewelry!

in other news, i think i'm finally ready for the hot weather to get here. next week i'm going to aruba and i cannot wait to become a human with pigment in their skin and not a ghost figure. also, i think i'm starting to get into shoes, thus neglecting my "old lady who lived in one pair of shoes" phase ( target flats that I literally wore to it's gruesome hole-stench-filled death), maybe there's just something about summer shoes. i don't know. but i do know that marshalls & urban outfitters really served me right today as far as gladiator/studded shoes go. just sayiiiiiiin. anyway, the past couple days have been pretty melancholy and disappointing and i need to snap out of this.

gossip girl series finale tonight, however? come on good. the basstard finally said it! and is it just me or did Serena look pregnant the whole time? O_o (yes i just did the "web confused eyes" face)