Sunday, May 17, 2009

fred flare was one of the first shopping websites that I came across when I was like, in 8th grade/early high school and fell in love. It's so ..well, adorable, affordable and they carry items for just about everyone. The general feel is 'cute' but I really feel like anyone with any style could find something to fall in love with at Fred Flare. Lately, i'm really feelin' all the gladiator style sandals for only $28. It's also not overwhelming with so many products that you don't even know where to start like so many other online shops. I have the FredBlog on my google reader which always makes me smile, because it's filled with everything from celebrity gossip, fashion, personal updates and even gossip girl episode reviews.

however I just watched this video and i actually leaned back in my chair, let out a huge deep breathe at how insanely overstimulating these two guys are. I wanted to just say "ok, relax". It's been about 10 mins since I watched the video and I'm still hallucinating, seeing hologram jumping perfectly groomed gay unicorns made of stardust and imaginary cartoon hearts floating past my eyes. A little too much cute, maybe? Maybe. But hey! That's their schtick and theyre doing a damn good job. I support it.

I remember I sent an email a few months back to possibly see if they needed interns, but I don't know if i'm the perfect FredFlare intern candidate. I don't think they were too into it, so they never replied. Perhaps they felt my pessimism and all black outfit through their computer screen, shrieked and x-ed it out before the marshmellows in their dream hot coco melted.
So from tiny web store filled with happy and adorable items, all the way to their own store in Brooklyn, FredFlare is probably going to be huge soon. I cannot wait to go to the store this summer! Infact, I just recieved information that they are having a sample sale today so if you're there go! I wish i could. Every boring, classic outfit needs a little color and especially if you're young, you might as well throw in a little cutesy while you can.

Above are my favorite items!

also: i've been on a non stop Wilco and Built to Spill kick everytime i'm down in this basement. It's what gets me goin'. GOD i need to spice up my music life, but sometimes repetition is fine, ok? For instance, as soon as I sit down to work on my stuff, I need to have this, this or this going. I reccomend you try any of the three. BYE.