Monday, March 30, 2009

lulu frost

Since I first viewed the NylonTV video on youtube about jewelry designer Lisa Salzer (of LuLu Frost), I've been reading up on her and trying to find as many interviews as possible. During her senior year at Dartmouth, she launched her own jewelry line (mixing vintage and new. hmmm.) out of her dorm and began selling to her friends, and then eventually a broader audience. Her Mother helps as a buyer, finding tons of treasures wherever she goes (hmm. familiar, again!). I'm in love with the mix of Victorian, art deco, and modern with each necklace or bracelet. Of course I'm obsessed with the Plaza Hotel number necklaces. Completely genius. I'm trying to copy cat the idea with house numbers and old keys but my search has left me empty handed so far.

All in all, I really find inspiration within Lulu Frost. Infact, for the past couple hours I've felt like death for some reason but felt motivated once I read more about Salzer. It made me want to take a shower, stop complaining to myself, get pumped for Gossip Girl and start working on some earrings.

Maybe I can be like her in a couple years. Who knows. But clearly what is really important right now is the crazy gay man at her side in this video, praising her and wearing a Lulu Frost necklace. Come on. How perfect. That's when you know you've made it.

on a side note: one of the many things I look forward to for fall (and even summer at home) is being around people who understand things like this. The past two years, i've been looking to different fashion & design blogs for inspiration and motivation because I'm in a place that reeeeeeeallly does not cater to anyone who has interests in any type of creative field. It has been really difficult, i have to be honest.

I'm looking forward to being at a school that has student's with brains that are working similarly to mine (and probably way ahead of me) which will push me. when i'm alone in it, it's difficult to get motivated.

i'm excited.