Saturday, March 28, 2009

i miss the feelings of innocence, romance and warmth that Being Bobby Brown brought to the table. I hardly watch TV anymore but as I watched "the Best of: To Catch a Predator" today and laughed at how disgusting and insane humans can be, a lightbulb appeared over my head which reminded me of the good ol' days when Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were still together, livin their life so hard on their bravo TV show. With all of Bobby's illegit children scattered around, and Whit's 92 lb shakey frame clad in sweat suits and visors, how could one turn their cheek to such a successful viewing pleasure? I sure as hell couldnt.

If only America could go back to the days when family MEANT something, back to the days when couples could dance openly and in sync at a gift shop. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THOSE DAYS, AMERICA? TIMES OF PURITY. Let's blame the commie bastard liberals.

Before we all close our eyes to go to sleep tonight, let's remember a simpler time: