Tuesday, March 17, 2009

okay, i JUST woke up from the most insane night of sleeping.

i had a dream that i was on a trip with the same people from France, and found a baby in an orphanage, used a device there to cut her nose the way i wanted (WHAT?) and fell in love with her & adopted her. the orphanage room where I got her looked like the Purdue chicken factory or something, with lots of chicken scraps everywhere? but she soon became a beautiful bundle of joy, with a sticker on her head that said she was found at a "panini shop". i am not making this shit up.

But wait, the dream didnt end there. I was torn between the fact that I was 20 and had so many cool things in the future and didnt want to be a single mom, but I felt a connection to her (like Angelina and Maddox shit.) but then I had to give her back as she cried so hard. Then i ran to the airport, but I missed my plane. Then I lost my bag and passport. Ran all over town (which was a scary, yet cute mysterious European city) where they helped me find my bag, but also told me that they beat the babies in the orphanage and I should go get the baby back. Instead, I ran to the airport to make the next flight which was a tiny rickety plane with scary people on it that started to crash into the water but i woke up.

excuse me?