Sunday, March 22, 2009

eighty8 headband

i feel ultra accomplished.

this weekend was relaxing and wonderful. my best friend from home and my best friend from college met, I got to be cozy at home, and ventured all over my area to show mary what JER-Z is all about. it was really great and the weather was perfect. ocean grove is one of my favorite towns in jersey, ever. we even ate at bobby's burger palace and they were playing broken social scene. bobby's, really? can you be even more perfect? i don't think so. that totally made them beat Five Guys in the burger race, i don't know how abby (my burger partner) feels about it though. I havent gotten the official report. I doubt we'll even have an official burger report though because each offer such different things so whatever. (fyi: the two of us love burgerz and go on adventures in search of good ones. it's an art.)

during this wonderful weekend, I made not one but three etsy sales! hopefully this will be the start of many more. it was such a confidence booster and a huge kick in the ass to start making more things and think of other ideas to promote. i have a festival that i'm going to be participating in at Scranton in July, and hopefully I can get more. We'll see!

now i'm off to study my head off for global social issues exam tomorrow.