Thursday, March 19, 2009

all about it

i'm really obsessed with this stuff. i'm not all 100% eco-friendly or anything, but i love the way this covers up everything and anything and isnt so expensive.

also, i'm going home to jersey this weekend with mary, and seeing abby! I cant wait to give the good ol' new jersey tour. i'm cooking dinner for everyone on saturday! hopefully we will take pictures of everything. i love the feeling of home, and the opportunity to show any 'outsiders' how jersey can be really nice and not just a big pile of hair gel.

there is a little over a month left of school. i wonder how much i'll miss this place. probably bits and pieces but for the most part, my time here is done. i think i have tunnel vision at this point. i do know that i'm sick of the way i feel walking around from class to class in a sea of dirty looks, vera bradley bags, bros and identical sweatshirts. i'm just over it and ready for the next page, which is on its way to being turned. yay!

i forgot how perfect this song is:

Gone For Good (Album) - The Shins

side note: i thought it was funny one night to add crazy Vicki from the Real Housewives of Orange County on facebook. I still think it's funny. Anyway, tonight I was bored again and saw on my mini feed that she added new photos so I decided to comment every single one saying "DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD", even at landscape photos from her cruise. But now karma is slapping me across the face with a giant fish because now i keep recieving annoying facebook photo comment notifications from weirdo people who are actually commenting serious words to her. Some people oughta be shot. Although, some may be looking at my comment thinking I was serious. The world really is just one big cycle of O___o faces isnt it?

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