Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the past two weekends, i've traveled to new york city to go to different DIY/crafty holiday fairs. the first one was at the knitting factory (one of my favorite venues EVER in nyc.) which is moving from manhattan to brooklyn within the next couple months, and it was an etsy event. the knitting factory's layout has three levels, but it was cramped and crowded. but i managed to buy two hand illustrated postcards, and two pins with old fashioned pin up girls on it.

this weekend i went to bust magazine's holiday craftacular. it was such a cool experience. this time, i was by myself, so i got to maneuver my way around the crowd just fine. it was really motivating! not that i want to be a designer really, but to see so many visually appealing things reeeeally makes me want to get off my ass. i found a couple great christmas gifts, and little things for myself. the picture above is by irena sophia, and i fell in looooove with all of her creations. i bought two necklaces, and plan on buying a print of her artwork in the future.

latest things: i'm home for christmas break for a month, and i'm heading down south to savannah for an interview at SCAD. yaaaaaaaaaaay. i just want to get it over with, and know for sure what the fuck i'm doing next year. is that too much to ask? ye.