Sunday, November 20, 2011

so, i'm in that transitional phase in between being done with an intense 10 weeks of school and a month long holiday break at home.

While i'm staying down south for thanksgiving to be with my dad and his side of the family (they migrated down here from the north just like me! i'm lucky to have them nearby while i'm here.), i'll be spending the rest of break in NJ. so that leaves me with this week of cozy time in Savannah and no projects/papers/group work/studying to do and frankly, a dull social life. cozy time rules..don't get me wrong. but it's time to get this show on the road. HOWEVER, ondemand is offering me tons of gems when I don't feel like venturing out of the apartment (how grey gardens of me.) A Diane Keaton section? Specifically dedicated to her movies alone? Why, that's just genius.

This is the first Sunday all quarter that I've been without anything to work on/to do/anyone I really want to spend time with. That sounds depressing but it's not. Because it's Father of the Bride day. Part one and two. Cooking chilli and drinking peppermint mocha coffee from the Keurig, cup by cup. Please.

This movie will always warm my heart, and that house will always be my dream house. Knew it when I was 5, know it when I'm 23. Timeless and beautiful. Also, Diane Keaton's character is my movie adult woman spirit person role model. Nancy Meyers' movies always have..well, pretty weak 'realistic' qualities. There's always some sort of wacky, eye-roll worthy moments but the aesthetics always deliver. Always. Let's give her that.