Thursday, October 6, 2011

For Me, For You

Over the past two years, I've been an avid reader of For Me, For You which is a blog written by freelance designer Kate Miss. Her simple and warm design aesthetic whether it be the entire look of her blog, use of colors, her cozy "Bits Of My Weekend" photo series every week, her talent with graphic design (She used to work for DwellStudio!) and her minimal yet chic jewelry designs has inspired me as I try to find my own style and design voice.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend Will has been diagnosed with cancer and as you can imagine, they're in a bit of a financial situation. They are both freelancers and Will is currently unemployed due to his health condition. Kate, still being as humble as possible, has asked her audience for their support during this rocky time. For more information, click here & see what you can do! Cancer is a scary thing and i'm sure everyone out there has been touched by it in some way or another. So with just one purchase of one of Kate's beautiful prints in her Etsy shop, you can help and also receive a truly one of a kind piece of art in return. The internet can be a really beautiful thing.