Wednesday, September 21, 2011

walking to the coffee shop

In March, I will be graduating SCAD and spreading my wings, giving someplace else a shot. So for the next couple of months I want to fully soak up every detail of this little city and cherish the time that I have spent here. Who knows what the future brings and how much of it will be memories that I, and only I, can call my own. This is the place that I moved to not knowing really anyone or truly anything about the area. Miles and miles from home.

My first apartment(s) are here, first with complete strangers and then alone where I created a tiny home for myself. It was the first time I couldn't just leap in a car when things were getting tough and be near my mom. I took a chance by declaring a major that I was kinda sure was for me but now as I'm on my way to graduation, can proudly say that it is very much for me. I learned a ton, from mistakes and successes. I've been criticized & praised, now understanding that the praise part rarely occurs without the criticism part first. I shed tears over projects (and people) because it was the first time I really gave a shit. I was working on things I loved, for people I admired, yet being here has made me feel calm about the future and my prospective career options. Most importantly, I figured out bits and pieces of who the hell I was, fell back in love with someone that I had been missing for years and gave somewhere besides the north-east a shot. It's a different culture here and being exposed to it has been interesting and frustrating.

Savannah is lovely and calm. It has shaped bits & pieces of my life, especially my personal taste and favored style. My time spent in Savannah will be a chapter in my book that's really just beginning. So, as hard as it will be to up & leave it after 3 years, it is totally necessary. I want to leave it while it remains this cherished time in my life and before it gets too routine and maybe tarnished. I don't want to ruin a good thing, you know? It's like The Sopranos finale and the fact that they aren't coming back with movies and spin-offs. It was great while it lasted so let's not push it. Yes, I'm comparing this to the Sopranos because I am a New Jersey girl after all, awlright?

So, tiny things like my five minute stroll to get coffee through my neighborhood that I will remember and be inspired by for the rest of my life, is something that I look forward to everyday. I want to notice small details and thankfully my IPhone helps me capture them so I can essentially remember them forever.

Oh, and Twitter can help me remember how many times I complain about how god-damn slow but extremely kind everyone is here or other tiny thoughts. Technology rules.