Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm leaving one home and going to my other home this week. I'm a ball of emotions because I cannot wait to get back to my little apartment, get started with school and get re-aquainted with the life I have there but sad to leave NJ. To make the transition easier, I just keep telling myself i'm lucky to have two places I love so much for very different reasons. I hope wherever I wind up even after Savannah provides me with the same comfort that NJ and Savannah provides but for separate reasons. All together it makes a balanced life but I still wish the world was smaller sometimes. I'd love for everyone and everything I love to just be a short car drive away but that's life, huh?

Another place in my heart that I consider home is my beach house on Long Beach Island. Since I've been away for college, I rarely get a chance to truly just have it feel like home since it's always filled with a bunch of people visiting. Not that I don't like that, it's just different. We've had this house since I was about ten years old and it's rented out most of the year/summer but we get it for a couple of weeks here and there and most of the fall and winter. During my teen years, I was not a huge fan since I'm really not much of a beach person. But now? I'm growing up and learning to appreciate everything else that comes along with this place. The tiny old houses that are sprinkled around, family time, taking outdoor showers, favorite little shops and restaurants and walking just two minutes and being at the beach. I enjoy the charm and attraction of being on the sand but really only for about 2 hours and then I'm bored. However, knowing it's there is still a comfort. It just has a great feeling about it and I'm so glad we have this house. This summer I was able to be there a couple of times without a big group of people, including this weekend, and I really enjoy how peaceful and quiet it can be here and I loved it. Beach person or not, it felt like home. It is my home.