Sunday, September 11, 2011

come on fall.

so i'm back in savannah and after two days, it feels like a home again. walking into a plaster & dust covered disaster late friday night (thx leaky ceiling that wasn't properly fixed til this week.) nearly brought me to tears. after hours and hours of scrubbing, dusting, swiffering, wiping down, vacuuming, etc. my apartment is mine again. Just like I remembered it but better and cleaner than ever. In fact, I'm now obsessed with cleaning. Last year? Please. I lived in basic filth. Everything was always neat but not clean. Now I understand the joy of both.

Most people have New Years resolutions but to me, fall is what feels like the best time for any type of resolution. September always feels hopeful, sparkly and new. It's like there is a huge clean pallate in front of you to make things better. Eat better, dress better, feel better, act better, love better, etc. Fall is always my favorite ( you in it!) and I feel more grown up this time around.

Instead of eating whatever is quickest and cheapest, I want to cook 98% of my meals at home, cut out soda and ride my bike more. I want to never leave any dirty dishes in the sink (living alone makes that easy to do) for days on end and Lysol/409 the haaale out of everything atleast twice a week. I've got 'my shows' to watch (bonjour Bravo tv line up, TLC everything & the great food truck race!) and a great class schedule. I want to go out on the weekends, meet new people and enjoy friend time but also work work work at school.

Why am I typing all of this to you? We all have our lives and our own fall resolutions but sometimes I feel like it's good to put it on paper/on ..internet? I'm in love and dealing with maintaining a relationship from a distance while also continuing my own 22 (almost 23!) year old life and feeling completely positive about it. Last fall I might have been stressin' if a boy didn't text me back but right now i'm stressin' because an Etsy seller hasn't sent me my union jack pillow yet. What a difference a year makes. I'm a total borefest and i don't mind it.

And last but not least: i got a Keurig. UMMMM. How did I live without this little guy? I'm obsessed with it. It's the closest thing to magic that I've seen in a long time. In fact, I'm excited to wake up early tomorrow morning so I can have a cup of (DONUT SHOP FLAVORED) coffee and seize the day.

So, Fall weather get your ass to Savannah soon okay? Because 86 degrees in September is okay but let's cut the shit and get chilly soon. Until then I will be prying my hands off of any type of pumpkin candle/pumpkin coffee/beer in hopes of not 'overdoing it' before fall actually hits here.

ps: i started a facebook page for the lovely universe. I'm kind of scared to promote it on my personal page because i don't want everyone to think i'm a baby obsessed freakshow collecting tiny clothes until someone gets me pregnant. (oy vey) Paranoid, much? Probably. But i'm keeping it on the DL. Still, I need to promote it. So if you want to become a fan, please do so :)