Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend was filled with lots of cooking, family time, beach time and relaxation time. While things aren't always perfect and decisions always have to be made and different roads are taken, it's interesting to see all of life's changes that occur even just over a short period of time. My family has dealt with a lot this year but seeing the little lights in my nieces/little cousin's eyes and the joyous addition of my cousin's baby Elena is very exciting.

For whatever reason, I feel stress in a lot of ways right now but I'm also looking forward to so much. At this age, just as you think you figure something out, something else sneaks up on you that scares you. It's all about fear, happiness, worry, anxiety, stress, and hope.

I need to keep reminding myself that throughout everything that can ever happen in life (and a lot of my issue is fearing the unknown), good will always find it's way in. And when I start thinking too much or worrying about 'the big picture', I need to focus on the tiny moments that are now. If there's a problem right now, fix it right now. If there's something great going on right now, appreciate it right now.

That's what I'm learning to do because that's all I can do. It's all any of us can do