Saturday, August 6, 2011

Things I Love 8/6/11:

-anthropologie's cute eyeglasses display
-pretty flowers in milk bottles
- a mini floral arrangement
-new wall decor at the shop.

Summer is almost over and I don't like it. Sure, I love the fall and I am pretty anxious to get back into the routine of school and I miss my apartment/Savannah. But really, I love being home and what it represents. The fall will be nice but I'm going to be homesick for so much. It's okay though. I'm thankful for all of it.

You know what else is something (superficial) to be thankful for? Anthropologie. Would I even be a breathing, human girl if I didn't love Anthro? Come on. Breeze on through the front, soaking in all the pretty on the way to the sale rack. That's my deal. I could shop there 100% of the time if I had the chance. My entire closet is slowly but surely becoming all Anthro (98% of it sale items, thankyew.) Saying "Goodbye" to all my thrift store clothes/Target/Forever 21 (KIND OF. I still love you. Just not as much!) Quality over quantity because I'm growing up! Hey I even bought fancy shampoo & two tubes of lipstick yesterday!

My new way of picking out things is to ask myself "Would Kate Middleton want this?" and "Would a cute Mormon design blogger want this?" I hate that Mormon has to be attached to that but there's no way around it, guys.

I'm an Agnostic liberal girl who is a 22 year old Mormon housewife blogger deep down inside. I've come to that conclusion. They're so cute with their colorful wardrobes and beautiful dinner parties and homes. I dare you to not become addicted to reading their blogs. I dare you.

But the day that my boyfriend even considers wearing a colorful suit/goofy tie and poses with me in a cupcake/vintage prop filled photoshoot is the day I know shit has gotten weird.

-outdoor home-cooked dinner (by me!)
-new sunglasses
-beautiful back to school notebooks
-my homemade chicken tortilla soup.

also i'm in love with these new products that I've picked up this week

john frieda luxurious volume refresher (aka: the affordable best dry shampoo i've ever found)