Thursday, July 14, 2011

posies flower shop

Now that i'm (finally) armed with an iphone, get ready for lots of instagram pictures on here! I've always wanted a good quality camera on my phone because I like the idea of just snapping quick photos with my phone rather than lugging around a camera at all times. Instagram & hipstamatic have not disappointed. I'm in love. So yes, i'm riding that iphone picture train all the way to town and yes i've realized i've arrived a little late.

I want to do a post every now and then of different pictures throughout my week. Since I don't share that many personal photos on here, i'd like to start. I feel like iphone pictures are a good way of getting me into the routine of it, but don't expect any "THIS IS WHAT IM WEARING TODAY" posts. Oh hell no.

Since my NYC internship is almost over, I will be spending more time in my Mom's new floral shop helping her out. So to kick off this new 'photos of my week' idea, I figured I would feature my day today at the shop.

My Mom started Posies in the spring, after years of doing flowers for weddings out of our garage/home. It was finally time to open up a store and go public with all of the beautiful work she's been doing. In addition to being a florist, Posies also offers a bunch of unique and beautiful home items & gifts.

Walking into Posies is like a little breathe of fresh air. It's a tiny piece France in the middle of NJ. Every item and every flower is pretty, feminine and perfect for making any day a little brighter. I'm not just saying that because I 'have to', I'm saying it in the most honest way ever. It's just an all around precious place to be whether you want to pick up a bouqet of fresh flowers, grab a couple of picture frames & French inspired pillows, or a greeting card for a loved one.