Saturday, July 9, 2011

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So, i've got some cool news! I'm finally going to be able to combine my love for cooking and writing/blogging as a contributing writer at one of my favorite spots on the web Small Kitchen College. I applied on a whim a couple of weeks back after a particularly depressing day at my other internship (seeing that they were hiring new writers was like a little sunshine burst) and what-do-ya-know, I found out (on another particularly depressing intern day) this week that they wanted to have me on board! I'm so very very excited. Being able to put myself out there with my writing (and even my cooking!) is something that I've really wanted to do.

If you haven't checked out Small Kitchen College or Big Girls Small Kitchen (or their fantastic new cookbook with a forward by Ina Garten!), please do so. It's really the perfect site for 20 somethings who are on a budget, love to cook & want a little something extra than what other foodie sites out there offer. Not to mention, how f-ing adorable is the site layout? I can't even. Needless to say, I am very thrilled about this. I will be posting on here (and on my twitter & facebook ) about any updates for the site since I really want to take part in spreading the word to as many people as possible.

There is already something exciting going on all next week on the site that I will be posting on here as soon as I get more information! So stay tuned :)

On another note...i'm on the quest for new music. I'm slowly succeeding but I've got to admit, i'm late to the Broken Bells party but i'm lovin' them.