Wednesday, May 25, 2011


just because this song is good.

sorry for the lack of posts lately. i'm down to the wire with this quarter and then it's officially summer. Give me New Jersey, give me my boyfriend, give me living at home (YEAH I SAID IT), give me home cooked meals, give me my mom, give me all sorts of things! Are you listening, Summer? I know you are. With that said, I love living in Savannah so much but i'll be back in the fall to soak her all in again.

Lately i've been busy being 80 years old (or 8 months old?) by having a very specific weekly routine that i've grown to love. not to mention i'm spending some quality time with my apartment. Working on projects from the comfort of my own bed, staring out my window, listening to music (OR watching 'my shows' like anything on Bravo and 2pm reruns of the Sopranos) with a huge iced coffee at my side? Yes please.

I won't speak too soon since I have seven days left of the quarter, but I think I accomplished a couple of personal goals that I set for myself back in March. I worked extremely hard in school, I spent time with friends & even made new ones, went to as many fashion related lectures as possible (just this weekend i listened to andre leon talley & manolo blahnik speak at the lucas theater in savannah. that manolo was a real loon but i liked it.) spent quality time with my Dad, I got to visit Chicago and I got rid of a lot of things/clothing that had been sitting around. So what I'm saying is that this is like my Ramona Singer " Tru Renewal" phase! Where's Mario!? Where's the pinot grigio? Where are my crazy eyes? Oh screw it, I love ya Ramona! Just kidding about the eyes thing!

For the fall, I'm sure I'll have a whole other list of new Savannah goals. Until then, i'm satisfied with what I did for the past ten weeks. Hear that obnoxious noise? That might be me tooting my own horn. Just once. That's a lie, there might be more of that. Wha? It's a blog.*

*= if you haven't noticed, "it's a blog" is my new favorite excuse for when I say something really annoying and eye-roll-worthy.