Monday, April 18, 2011

The SCAD Style line up had been announced, and though it isn't as large as last year, i'm still excited. I love this school because of how many great people they bring in to speak to us. Just last week, Town & Country's Pamela Fiori sat in my classroom speaking to about 15 of us about her days as editor (she completely re-vamped the magazine when it was considered a sinking ship, and turned it into a slightly more modern version of itself) and meeting/working with Jackie Kennedy weeks before she died. It's extremely difficult to feel uninspired at SCAD. Whether it's from the people in my class, some of my professors and the guests that walk in and out, i'm constantly wanting to push myself.

I am really looking forward to seeing these three:

Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie/BHLDN/Free People CEO Glenn Senk

House Of Waris' jewelry master & Wes Anderson film star Waris Ahluwalia

and fashion designer Derek Lam

Oh, and on another note: I spent the weekend in Chicago visiting my boyfriend. I have never been there before and there was something about it that I really really liked. It's not an in-your-face city like New York or a pretty little place like Savannah but it was really interesting there. I just liked everything it had to offer. Without getting into detail, my heart was happy every second being there and once again, it sucks to leave. But what can ya do? Atleast I got to visit. There are a few things that make me stop & realize that sometimes life makes total sense, and being with him is one of those things. So that's pretty cool.

My goal for the next 6 weeks is to work work work, play a little but mostly work. Summer will be soon and i just can't wait. Internship, regular relationship time (no plane rides. no goodbyes a couple of days later), new jersey, family, home, everything. Come on June. You can do it. Get your ass in my life~