Wednesday, April 27, 2011

best coast really needs to come out with a new album because i'm (still) playing the last one to death. especially in nice weather or in weird girly moods. it's just the perfect go-to music to put on when nothing else sounds right.

I love these photos of bethany from frankie magazine. it's just lighty, airy, feminine and happy. her hair and skin look glowy. today my skin and hair is definitely not anywhere near glowy. it's one of 'those days' when you just want to whine outloud and cry for basically no reason. Everything feels wrong & looks bad. Hair is just weird, skin is even weirder. Clothes? I have none. Just a closet filled with things I don't even want to look at right now. Nothing I want to eat or cook. Nothing I want to think about.

In an hour, I'm forcing myself to go to a screening of the Bill Cunningham documentary which I know will make me feel better. But the thought of putting my clothes back on (i'm in my comfy zone right now) is making me cringe. You know those days.

Okay, so we all get like this from time to time right? No biggie. Okay so now add in The Sartorialist showing up in your classroom staring at everyone, taking pictures and choosing who to focus in on while you have sweaty hair, no make up on, wearing jeans and a boring blue top. Good. I feel like that's the fashion girl's equivalent to a nightmare where you go to school in your underwear. In this case, you show up looking ugly and the Sartorialist is snapping photos in just your classroom. Needless to say, he chose a very put together model-y girl in my class wearing high waisted jeans and a top knot and took pictures of just her for 10 minutes. Good lawd I need to get myself together.

I'm being a brat. someone give me chocolate (or better yet, don't. just set up a facial appointment for me and take a lawn-mower to my eyebrows)