Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, spring quarter classes have begun & it's all fashion, fashion, fashion. My first quarter of all three classes being 100% in my major. I'm officially a senior, and i'm officially knee deep in what i'm getting my degree in. It feels good, and i'm ready for all of it. Out of all my classes, there is only ONE boy. Holy mother of estrogen. Total girl fest. But that's okay.

Anyway, it's been a rainy puddle of tears here in Savannah with torrential rain that has been happening on and off since I woke up this morning. The day started off with soaked socks, boots & jeans and zero motivation and ended feeling quite successful.

I got a leg up on my quarter long project for my Contemporary Issues in Fashion Merchandising class (which i'm loving so far) which is to create a blog and maintain it for 10 weeks. I decided to blog about how fashion impacts film, and in return how film impacts fashion. Since today was rainy and schoolwork is not quite existent just yet, I decided to start up the blog & begin the posts. So check it out here! I will be updating numerous times a week.