Wednesday, March 2, 2011

fuck yeah rachel comey

With each new day of my life, I realize more and more that I need to step my shoe game up. Seriously. It's lacking, always has been and i'm finally coming to terms with it head on. Shoes cost money, though. They are one of those things that I always see and want (and need) but think "oh. it's okay. i'll just buy something else". Girl, no. You need new shoes. Two steps away from hobo status over here. I need to invest in a pair or two of Rachel Comey shoes because they are what dreams are made of. $200+ dreams. Fuck you, world!

But really, when I say 'shoes' i mean shoes. A pair that will give me height, a bit of "oh okay i notice them, I get it. Cool." without "what is she trying to do, though?". I need a middle ground between those two reactions and I feel Rachel Comey does this with ease. Her shoes look comfortable, interesting but subtle and dare I say a bit frumpy? Which is what I want when i'm buying wedges or chunky heels. My wedges/high heel criteria is whatever a librarian (who takes Nyquil when she's bored) would want to wear while trying to look hot. That sums up Rachel Comey and I mean that in the best way.