Thursday, March 10, 2011


"Long time fashion writer Colin McDowell says that fashion and couture are “adrift and lost” today and yearns for the days of Diana Vreeland." - regarding this article.

Of course Colin McDowell would say that because he's an old man who is yearning for a time when he knew what he was talking about. Fashion is always changing. It's constantly progressing. Some things work, some things don't. Let's keep it moving. You can't sit around and whine about missing the past when you are in fashion. I'm a naive fashion student and even I know that the business is all about looking ahead, figuring out what's next and keeping the past in mind but never wishing for it. It's about the future. The industry depends on the next best thing, not the old dusty idea in the corner.

I'm tired of the old generation that can't keep up and since they don't understand it (whether it be social media, bloggers, or these crazy new fangled gosh darn designs that don't appeal to 75 year old Park Avenue Grandmothers), they criticize it. Go away. Of course there are people working in the industry that have been around for years and still get it. With the progression of technology, it's now easy for people who have valid opinions and a passion for fashion and an eye for it to truly make their mark without being in a stuffy office in a $4,000 suit. Like the world surrounding it, the fashion industry is CHANGING.

These people can't stand it because it's slowly sweeping them out. This is a different world than the world Diana Vreeland lived in, you can't even compare the two. Frankly I think the people who can't keep up, (like Colin McDowell and many others who release statements like this all the time) should not even be relevant right now. Case closed. Go retire with your millions and step off your soap box.