Sunday, February 27, 2011

For whatever reason, today feels perfect. I'm sitting in my little ivy covered backyard doing work (reading blogs and creepin around facebook. whut? who cares?) watching cats pretend they're Romeo and Juliet (one is on top of a ladder and the other is on the ground staring up at her. it's creepy and funny) and I don't want to move. At the beginning of the week I found out I'll be here til next March. At first I was sad and feeling impatient. I wanted to get a move on with my life, but what I forgot about for just a couple of minutes was how much I'm in love with Savannah.

Maybe it's the 75 degree weather with the most perfect breeze. Maybe it's the fact that I got all my work done this weekend at the most balanced pace. Maybe it's because I got to socialize with my friends, drink some arbor mist and sit around a bonfire and also do my old lady things around my apartment. Whatever it is, the weekends just make me feel happy.

This time in my life makes my heart feel good. And although the person I love is so far from me (and it's hard to be away from him), it doesn't matter because he's still mine and we'll be in the same spot some day soon. My family is far, but they're still mine and I can count on them anytime I need them. This time in my life is really good and really important, I can just feel it. It's complete "me" time and I know it won't be all about me all the time in the future. But for now, it is. And i'm enjoying it while it lasts.