Sunday, January 2, 2011

rainy day woman

I'm rekindling my relationship with my apartment. After being away from her (yes, her gender is female.) for over a month, we're getting reacquainted and it feels so right. my priorities have shifted a bit since i've gotten back even though it's only been three days. i want a job, i want straight A's (and i'm going to get them. mark my words.), i want to truly revel in 'me time' in this little humble abode while still maintaining a healthy social life. my heart is elsewhere and i'm content with that, and entering into a new phase in my life that is really important to me. i'd love to get detailed with what I mean by that but that would be weird. some things should just be private. i'm just happy.

so naturally a rainy and gloomy day in savannah has given me yet another opportunity to get even cozier in my apartment. after applying for jobs this afternoon, i've headed back to my place to compile the perfect rainy day playlist and do 'i live alone' things such as:

-drink iced coffee from mcdonalds (health police back off! their iced coffee is where it's at)
-stare at my new drinking cups from target and compulsively fill it up with more publix iced green tea (missed yew.)

-lay with my fleece hello kitty blanket from my nieces on my pink sofa.

-light my favorite candle from anthropologie. seriously guys, get on this. it's the best scent you'll ever know.

-and lastly, wear zero make up & sport tired eyes while rocking the ultimate loungewear outfit: a denim shirt with a huge circle scarf and black leggings with holes all over them. because really. when you live alone..who is going to judge you for wearing them still? no one! that's who! even though my tv is constantly blasting Bravo, i will turn it off a lot and listen to music while doing these various activities. here is my rainy day playlist for today:

enjoy! bye.