Tuesday, January 25, 2011

chanel spring 2011 couture

chanel always kills me in one way or another. i'm in love with all of it. these are the type of dresses that you wear in dreams/dreamy situations. i really hate the black pointy toe shoes/slippers though. what the fuck. regardless, i can stare at this collection for hours. it's nice to look at something so untouched and pristine. i understand that these are clothes so of course they have been touched but chanel has this way of designing pieces that look like they have literally fallen off a cloud onto earth.

these designs are a far cry from what i wear on a daily basis obviously. the life of a fashion student (or any type of student) is not very glamourous as you can imagine. it's all about comfort. and the winter is the best for comfort. this weekend was very long and awful due to a tragedy in my family, so i spent time in new jersey/new york to be with everyone. that's why i've been quite absent from this blog for the past week. but i'm back.

this morning i woke up and it was basically dark outside. it's been a gloomy, rainy and slow winter so far but there has been bits of happiness shining through anyway.