Friday, December 3, 2010


Tonight I quietly sipped some coffee and read the latest issue of BUST magazine in barnes & noble. I went there specifically to read it. I'm really selective about magazines that I will actually purchase, but BUST is one that I almost always spend the $ on. It's worth it, plus I want to support them. For some reason, tonight I just read it and put it back. I should have bought it. It was a fantastic issue, with the featured article by Kim Gordon, interviewing Sofia Coppola. It was an honest and intelligent discussion between two strong females.

I have a pretty large collection of past issues of BUST. Maybe I'll go back and buy it because you know what? Magazines are having a tough time lately, and a lot of them deserve it. BUST doesn't deserve it.

It's a shame that in order to find an intelligent female magazine you have to stand there scanning the shelves, filled with glossy robotic sparkly pink bull shit, for what seems like hours. Why is it so difficult to find these magazines? Why must we shovel through countless bridal magazines or piles of ridiculous publications covered with "10 Signs He Hates You/Loves You" text just to find the 3 or 4 magazines that actually can be of help to women? In an age where there are so many opportunities and options for women as far as career, and overall well-being are concerned, that the most popular magazines out there are still covering topics like "5 Tips On How To Get Him To Notice Your Cleavage" or "Does He Think You're Good In Bed?" is sickening. I often think that feminism and the progression of women in society is very present but one major thing stopping it/ruining it is not men, it is certain women.

I spotted a magazine I didn't even know existed tonight, called "CosmoGirl Bride". Really? Where is "CosmoGirl Career"? Why can't that exist? I'm a 22 year old woman with what feels like the whole world in front of me, which is just as much stressful as it is exciting. I could really use some helpful tips & advice from strong women out there about how to handle life. Fuck the hundreds of bridal magazine. We are unfortunately still living in a marriage obsessed culture which is like a giant step backward. There's absolutely nothing wrong with marriage but it's a shame to see girls focused on that (and "finding a man") before being focused on their career/lives first.

Thankfully, being a CosmoGirl Bride is the last thing from my mind right now. The world is so huge and there is so much for women to do but why can't mainstream magazines talk about this more? I've flipped through magazines such as Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmo and it's almost downright offensive. Sure, they will teach you how to dress for an interview but who the fuck cares about that after a while? Oh, and how to make flirty faces at a guy from across the bar without him thinking you're desperate? Right. The type of lipstick to make everyone jealous? Are. You. Joking. The sad part is that there are women reading these articles and taking the tips seriously. That's so upsetting.

There are a handful of outstanding magazines/websites for women and girls to read that are filled with inspirational, honest, funny and open minded interviews and articles. I love to pick something up and read about new bands, films, DIY projects, culture, and travel. I don't give a shit about high heels and the right eye shadow for me. There needs to be more than a handful of these good magazines. In an age where everything is online, I understand now that it is easier to click through sites to find what you're looking for, so the future is not that grim. I feel old because i look at certain things in the media, or even how Barbies are dressed /tween 'slutty' stars like Miley Cyrus that millions of little girls look up to and I get cynical. Why in 2010 is all of this still okay?

I wish I knew good magazines like BUST when I was a teenager. It would have made me feel a lot less weird. Thank god for Nylon because that was somewhat of a savior during high school years, and then I discovered MissBehave (RIP) magazine which was great also. There are great resources out there for girls and we need to support them and recognize the trashy ones as, well, trash. I'd be just as disappointed if my daughter came home with a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine just as if she'd come home with an F on her report card.