Monday, December 20, 2010


if you haven't noticed, i chronicle a lot of girl/style crushes on this blog. it's a celebration of all things pretty so of course i'm going to include women that i look up to. so in my 'world of girl crushes' (like you don't have one? plz.) crystal renn obviously reigns supreme. she has been a topic on this blog quite frequently.

last week when I was leaving an interview in manhattan, i headed towards topshop on broadway and ran into her smoking a cigarette in all black with the most perfect chanel 2.5 bag. she looked thin so let's quit calling her a plus size model. hopefully she's okay and would look better with another 10 lbs but who are we kidding? she's where fashion should be headed and is heading.

the alien-esque emaciated 14 year olds are a dime a dozen. the real women are steppin' out. it's apparent that although nothing is going to completely change, it's on it's way to changing a bit. it's even seen in a lot of designs, such as recent prada, gucci, and louis vuitton. hunched over, boney and weak looking models will come and go. they're doing their thing but it's not what women want to see. women (not to mention men) want to see other real women. and while crystal renn certainly isn't plus size anymore, everything about her (especially in these pictures) represents something I and many others want to see more in fashion. it's almost reminiscent of the early 90's era of 'the supermodel' with striking characters like cindy crawford, linda evangelista and christy turlington. the styling & hair in this shoot? come on.