Wednesday, December 15, 2010

charlotte dellal

there's something about charlotte dellal that i really love. she pulls off this almost rockabilly old glamourous look, perfecting the use of leopard print (without going into cat lady or teresa giudice territory) with the greatest lip color each and every time. I wish I could figure out a lipstick color that doesn't make me look 1. dead, 2. like i just ate an ice pop or 3. crazy.

ps: yesterday was an exciting fashion day. i got to meet one of my idols in the industry (i'd name names but i'm afraid they might find this and think i'm too much of a fangirl), i saw crystal renn on the street, met another great fashion person that i literally wanted to be friends with and I discovered a great new area of brooklyn I had never been to. other exciting things have been happening too. let's say i've got some decisions to make. putting myself out there has been stressful but it's been paying off. looks like i'll be spending my summer in nyc.