Monday, November 15, 2010

type love

I feel like i've had an obsession with typography for a long time whether I even knew it or not. The first memory of having any interest in type was when I was in grade school and I was more obsessed with handwriting and the actual composition of my note taking than the actual content of the notes. I was almost OCD about the presentation of my notebooks and how my handwriting looked, the alignment of all of the words, even down to where the doodles of hearts and squiggle lines went. I would stare at other girls' books that seemed almost perfect, with adorable bubble letters and hearts as the dots for the I's. I had notebook and handwriting envy. They probably had no idea that they had enviable handwriting or enviable notebooks but I did.

As the years went by, I used to make little websites and learned about fonts and became obsessed with them. Remember AOL profiles when everyone would get all sassy and crazy with them? I was right there doing it too. Changing the colors, fonts, words, design, etc. almost DAILY. It was so fun. I still get that way. Now I'm OCD (not diagnosed, of course) about everything about presentation. Powerpoint presentations? It's therapeutic for me. I love choosing certain fonts to download and use that relates to the topic of the presentation, I love designing the layout of each slide, choosing images, text, etc.

I realized just how much I love this whole realm this summer when I spent over 6 hours in a row working on this video for one of my final projects. I enjoyed every second of making that and every second I get a chance to work with text and imagery. I keep thinking about how I want to do more of them just for fun. For no reason at all except to create using this certain type of medium. I'm taking an intro to advertising class next quarter and I can't be more excited. Though I'm a fashion major, i'm a fashion marketing major which is fortunately very relative to everything I'm going on and on about in this post.

Majoring in graphic design is too limited for me but it's certainly an interest. I wish I could major in 5 things. With that said, I'm burnt out on school for a while and this one month break cannot come soon enough. Finals have been so easy this quarter, thank god, and I've been kind of lazy but mostly bored. I need a break. I need home. The only thing I'm getting burnt out on is talking about doing things instead of actually doing them. I know I have my whole life to have a career and I am enjoying being a student but i'm getting anxious to actually start and explore. I never want to be a talker, I want to be a do-er. Those who do, usually don't talk about it. They just do it. I want to be that.

Anyway- enough talkin'. (more do-in!) Enjoy the work above by graphic design gods David Carson & Barbara Kruger. Two of my favorites.