Thursday, November 25, 2010


happy thanksgiving everyone. i think that this is one of my favorite holidays, if not my actual favorite. it's just a cozy and low key holiday. there's no pressure, you can eat delicious food & drink & be merry without the pressure of giving/receiving gifts. the weather is always my favorite. November rules. Everything just feels right.

i'm thankful for a million things but to get specific, i'll list a couple. how ready are you for it though? ~kidding~ anyway. here goes.

-my family - obviously. didn't see this one coming, did you? i have a big and wonderful family that is pretty untraditional (what the fuck is a traditional family, anyway?) and spread out but i would have it no other way. my three sisters & one brother are the best people to look up to for different reasons & my nieces and nephews are just these special little people that melt my heart every time i see them/think about them. especially my parents. they are my best friends & heroes. my mom and dad are my two favorite people in the world.

-friends - i may not be the most popular girl in every situation with millions of friends but I have really great people in my life. Each person is there for a reason and brings specific things to 'the table' that make everything completely better. I'm a homebody and don't mind being alone a lot, but without my friends I would never be able to enjoy..anything? They make me laugh, think, share experiences with me and make life a lot cooler. Both in Savannah and New Jersey, i've found a great little group of humans to love. There's nothin' like having hilarious friends that make you laugh even when you're away from them, when you can just remember something and smile to yourself. I love my friends.

my brain- i really just like my brain sometimes. i may not be a straight A student, obsessing over everything but I get by pretty well and improve with each step. I like how i operate, even if it's not perfect. I like my interests, my sense of humor, my heart and my overall outlook on things. Seeing how my creativity has grown and how my ability to process new information over the past year is kind of astounding (not to toot my own horn er nuthin' y'all) It's just amazing what we as humans are capable of when you try something new. Our brainz are kinda crazy.

my apartment/savannah/scad- seriously though. what would I be doing if I wasn't in Savannah, attending SCAD, in my own little old lady cave? Would I be happy? Would I be thinking the same way I think now? Probably not. I don't know. I don't even want to think about it. The little path that lead me to Savannah was a twisty, turny one but it lead me to this really beautiful life. Where I am right now makes me less scared of the confusing, weird paths that are to come (because they always show up somehow), because..this sounds cheesy...but they always lead somewhere amazing and leave you feeling thankful. If I just went to Savannah right out of high school, I don't think I would appreciate it as much as I do right now. It's still dreamy that I'm even there. Thank you Savannah.

music- i'm really not sure what i'd do without it. it's one of the most powerful loves in my life that is constantly growing and my knowledge/ability to talk about music is something that I'm proud of and thankful for.

honorable mentions: good design, thrift stores, babies, dresses, good beer, dancing, mascara, beards on boys, scorpian tea at hangfire (cynthia i copied you), hangfire in general?, texting (im 13), my little bb mac laptop, flat boots, blogs, facebook (i went there), bad yet good reality tv (real housewives only), iced coffee with coconut, mint, or pumpkin flavoring, funny humans, mexican food, meeting new people, human fun, sleeping, not fighting the feeling, sarcasm, my car, 30 Rock, did i say dancing? okay yeah i did. that's all for now.

also- i'm thankful for you. yeah you! the reader. who are you, by the way? i mean..i have an idea. google analytics literally tells me what's up. so many different countries. how do you find me? what's up? have a good holiday? i'll never know.