Tuesday, October 12, 2010

throwbaq. rodarte 08.

It's been a couple years now but this fall 2008 Rodarte collection will always be one of my all time favorites. I love looking at collections on a couple of different levels. Of course as a human, and a consumer (although not quite with this price range obviously), you're drawn to the beautiful, classic, wearable pieces found in most of the well known designers' collections. Another level would be the dramatic, theatrical, more 'arty' productions that are completely out of your element & helps you just appreciate designer's brains. Then there is the middle ground which makes me think of Rodarte.

Their pieces are extraordinarily intricate and unique. At first glance, you kind of want to make a face at it and pass it off as a big ol' mess but the closer you look, the closer you fall in love with all the complete tender love and care that went into presenting this wearable art. It's not only interesting to look at and explore with your eye, it is flattering for a woman's form. Most of their designs walk the line between extremely dark and feminine. I think every woman should walk that line every once in a while whether it's wearing one of Rodarte's $1,200+ pieces (unlikely) or doing something else that's not exactly expected or perfect, but do it with elegance. Kind of say "fuck you" but also remain completely graceful and beautiful. The way the Mulleavy sisters literally pile on and mix grungey/ugly elements with daintiness is beyond inspiring.