Monday, September 6, 2010

forgotten cool jams

okay, so i guess this is slowly becoming a music blog. waps. just deal with it, y'all. i'll post fashion related stuff soon enough, i'm just having fun talking about music.

anyway- as i've mentioned before, i'm home for a week and a half on a little break before i go back to SCAD for fall quarter. I'm having the best time. Just got back from Burlington, VT which was so fun and also relaxing. A nice change or pace & scenery, which was needed.

But back to the point, erryone. Since i've been home, i left all of my mix cds that i've made recently back in Savannah. So I went through a box of old high school things which brought the LOLs for a lot of reasons (and also happy tears), but near that box was a pile of old mix CDs from 2004 up until this year. A lot of songs I forgot about were on there and i'm happy their back in my life. So, I bring you what I'd like to all "Jams That Are Cool That Have Been Left Behind But Are Now Found" list. OK!

I don't know why but I totally forgot about Oh No! Oh My! and how good and weirdy they are. Like, this song is actually really annoying but somehow it winds up being a really enjoyable song. Obviously it is lacking variety in the lyrics but it WORKS. It just works. I have no idea what this video means but I'm kind of into it. The entire album is really really good and I recommend it. I am going to re-listen to it a million times.

Who forgets about Outkast? Me, kind of. I mean..I think I thought about them more than usual this year since Big Boi is from Savannah and Outkast has a song about Savannah that rules, however I havent listened to this album in so long. Particularly, this song. This song? It's just so good. Andre 3000 is such a crazy talented gangle-fuck & big boi is too, except he's not a gangle-fuck (that, my friends, is what i like to call tall gangly men). Andre 3000 was apparently in Savannah two weeks ago in the fashion building at SCAD but I missed it. Anyway, this song rules. I'm sad I forgot about it. Time to dust off SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below.

This is embarrassing but I found this song/this band out from LAGUNA BEACH. It was on an episode of the second season and I remember looking for it on the internet (awkward) and I used to watch Laguna Beach a lot (mortifying) and would look up the songs after each episode (sad person). Is it just me or did season 3 kind of rule? Maybe it didn't. Maybe I told too much.

I was kind of contemplating making a post dedicated solely to this song. It's kind of the best thing I've ever heard. It's a musical treat to the ear drums. It's one of those songs I often forget about for some GOD FORSAKEN reason, and when I remember that it exists, I want to put icicles into my eyes for neglecting it. The piano? The beat? The entire song? BYYYEEE.

You know you love them. You know you thought/think that The Con is fantastic. Stop denying it. I stopped denying my love for Tegan & Sara around the time i stopped denying my love for Death Cab For Cutie & Bright Eyes. THEY RULE AND I DON'T CARE IF YOU JUDGE ME FOR IT Y'ALL.

I totally forgot about this song, and also that Albert Hammond Jr. had a solo album. It is so good. I think that a fairy angel person must have dropped Hammond Jr. dust onto my hair this week because I re-discovered this song, and then in Burlington this weekend, the bar we were at played the entire album from start to finish. It's so good! Now, A.H.Jr. is no Fabrizio, certainly no Julian and absolutely no where close to being a Nick Valensi, but you know what? This album made me love him.